The One Mistake Your Startup is Making

Do you have a compelling enough value proposition to cause buyers (users) to crave for your product and actually commit to become paying customers?

That’s a big problem. A product will sell itself only if your prospects know how it can add value to them in 60 seconds without using your product yet.

By the way, it doesn’t have to be a 1000 words article that explains what you do.

For example, compare this: “All-in-one Online Marketing

Platform to Grow Your Business” with this: “Start Trading Bitcoin. It’s Simple…”

I got this two VP from two random sites. The important thing here is that the first one tells the prospect of the product and what they’ll benefit from it in 8 words.

The second on asked the user to start trading bitcoin because it’s simple to start. But didn’t mention how trading bitcoin can benefit the prospect and how they stand out.

Look at this variation to the second one: “Don’t lose your chance of benefiting from the bitcoin revolution. Start trading now.”

It’s not the best but it gets the word out quickly.

Refine, refine, and refine until it’s pretty clear and compelling.

This is the single most important thing that can improve your conversion rate a great deal. You don’t know the power of that short sentence that describes your entire business.

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Software Engineer and Technical Writer.

Software Engineer and Technical Writer.