• Fabián A. Quinteros

    Fabián A. Quinteros

    En continuo aprendizaje…! apasionado por trabajar en tecnología, desarrollo de software e innovación tecnológica.

  • Jay Lee K

    Jay Lee K

    After a lot of soul searching and bouncing around from various dead end jobs, I've recently realized that I want to become a web developer.

  • Anwar Abdullah

    Anwar Abdullah

  • Chris Hughes

    Chris Hughes

    I'm here to positively impact the lives of over 1 Million People. Entrepreneur | Author | Surfer | Juggler | Traveler | Learner | Living my

  • Jacob Angulo

    Jacob Angulo

  • Okoro Sylvester Uchenna

    Okoro Sylvester Uchenna

    Techpreneur, Web Developer,Google African Challenge Scholar, Everyday Learner!!

  • voravit euavatanakorn

    voravit euavatanakorn

  • Massimo Pelliconi

    Massimo Pelliconi

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