Children’s day: A Message to Nigerian Parents

Credit: African Exponent

“Our Founding Fathers understood that our country would survive and flourish if our nation was committed to good character and an unyielding dedication to liberty and justice for all. Throughout our history, our most honorable heroes practiced the values of hard work and honesty, commitment to excellence and courage, and self-discipline and perseverance. Today, as we work to preserve peace and freedom throughout the world, we are guided by a national character that respects human dignity and values every life.” — President George W. Bush

Dear parent,

This is 2017 and we’re celebrating our children. Now you’re an adult, and hopefully a father or a mother. Just like you learned how to tie shoes, how to crawl, how to walk and was taught how to solve technical mathematics in school. Children must be guided to develop the qualities of character that is relevant to the family and the society.

On the flip side, according to UNICEF, the majority of Nigerian children suffer violent abuse starting from age 5. It’s disheartening. Parents and guardians should make efforts to help develop and grow the children they’ll be proud of tomorrow.

Here are 4 things you can do to help your child become the leader you want to see tomorrow

Never label your child as “Irresponsible.”

No child is irresponsible. Words are powerful, the words you speak to your children live with them, grows with them and some times overshadows them. Don’t use abusive words on them, only say what you want them to become.

If they’re not behaving well, teach them how to be better, keep teaching them, even if they keep repeating the same thing, keep teaching them and speaking the right words to them. If they’re not doing well in school, teach them or get a private teacher for them.

Help them find themselves

The best thing you can do for your kids is to help them follow their dreams. Monitor them, find out what they know how to do best naturally and train them in that direction, give them the best and teach them how to succeed in life — if they like playing around with computers, get them enrolled in a code school — Built them up in software development

Teach them how to focus, children can really get distracted, help them to be organized.

You’ve got a great role to play as a parent, don’t allow peer-groups to teach your children what you ought to teach them. They’ll learn the wrong things, help them gain focus all the time.

Provide routines and structure.

Children hate house chores. I hated it too :). However, your role is to teach them to do it by doing it and telling them to do it. After sometime, they’ll begin to like it — make them responsible.

So, if you’ve got 3 kids share the house chore routinely. Ensure everyone is busy when necessary.

Take your “house maids” as your children.

That means, you’ll give them the same treatment as you’d do for your kids. Don’t give them hard labour. Step-mothers are victims of this — if you can’t allow your kids to hawk, don’t allow someone else’s child to do the same. It’s bad. They should be in school like their peers.

Treat every child living with you as your child. Teach them to wake up on time.

Punctuality is an important character to possess. Teach them to know God.

They’re a lot that goes into training a child. Study your kids. You can always see a counselor for more advice.

Your child is you, don’t forget that. He/she is the leader of tomorrow. Training a child is a huge job, be sure you’re living by what you’re teaching them.

Software Engineer and Technical Writer.

Software Engineer and Technical Writer.